Kia HID Kit

Kia is amongst the leading automotive manufacturers to provide the option of installing Kia HID Kit as an Original Equipment manufacturer. The Kia HID kits are available in the market for all the Kia models. However, the manufacturers recommend the Kia HID upgrade. Kia HID conversion kit can be installed to the following models: Amanti, Borrego, Optima, Rio, Rondo, Sedona, Sorento, Spectra and Sportage. If the vehicle doesn’t come with an OEM Kia lights option, then one can most definitely purchase an online HID kit. The industry is booming with aftermarket Kia HID Kit. In addition the Kia HID headlights enhance the car with a stunning appearance. 

There are various Kia HID kits for different models. To begin with, there are diverse options for Kia, like high quality Philips conversion kit, D2S Higher Kelvin pair, digital HID kit slim ballasts, relay harness for HID installation, Xenon HID conversion 6000k-30000k and halogen bulbs with blue tint which is suitable for vehicles using high as well as low beam. There is also an option for customers to install Kia HID Kit on the abovementioned models with any HID Xenon bulb temperature. That implies that one can choose the color of the xenon lightning system. The following options are available from a 3000K (Golden Yellow) , 4300K (Bright White), 5000K (white), 6000K (Crystal White),8000K (Crystal Blue), 10000K (Aqua Blue), 12000K (Purple-Blue). 

Borrego HID Kit are custom made for the vehicle. This makes Borrego SUV an even more reliable, safe and efficient vehicle. Furthermore replacing standard headlight bulbs with the xenon lightning solutions provides a state of the art look to the vehicle. The Kia Spectra uses H4 bulbs - a dual filament bulb. This provides the option to install regular Kia HID which is only for low beam, or the Bi-xenon which allows you to have a high beam as this feature immensely improves the car’s looks and functionality. The new HID Kits custom designed for your KIA Spectra provides top of the line lighting system for your vehicle at unbeatable price. If the Sport age headlights does not come with xenon HID package from factory, Kia recommends an upgrade to Kia HID headlights. Similarly Soul HID Kit is an easy upgrade for your headlights if the vehicle did not come with xenon from factory. 

Kia HID bulbs are top quality products produced by leading headlight bulb manufacturers. KIA HID Kit are far more reliable as compared to other products in the market. The xenon lighting bulbs are put through specific tests before they are supplied to the market. That is precisely the reason why they offer substantial value to a Land Rover owner as compared to the halogen bulb, The Kia HID headlights allows for a better night visibility and wider range of vision, covering roughly 75% of the road ahead. The manufacturers go on to claim that the Kia HID Kit utilizes less electrical current to run, and lasts 12 times more than the standard halogen bulb.

Kia will make a huge difference in how you see the road.  Our selection of HID kits, HID Bulbs, Ballasts, LED bulbs, and relays are specifically designed to outperform anything else in the market.  With our wide selection of HID lights, you can choose the color temperature of your kit.  We offer Yellow, White, and Blue that will really make a huge difference in the looks and night time performance of your lights.  In addition to our HID Conversion Kits, we also have headlights, LED tail Lights, and other parts that will light up the road like never before. Our specially trained team of lighting experts will send the correct Kit for your Kia.

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