Scion HID kit will give your Scion even more style! Founded in 2003, the Scion Automotive Company has till now produced five models that have been a stupendous hit in the American market. The journey began when Toyota found out that they were losing share in the young demographic. The solution was named Scion (descendant, heir)-a range of cars designed according to the perspectives of the young generation or the Generation Y. This is the generation of car lovers who took to the new innovative styling of Scion vehicles and were thrilled by the affordable price points. Scion was not made to be only a brand but also a culture – the culture of daring young citizens who like to have fun on wheels at affordable prices.

Scion’s success can also be attributed to the fact that despite have one model, you can easy install accessories which will give the car a customized and uniquely personalized look. Out of many such accessories, a small yet impactful upgrade is the Scion Hid Kit or the Scion Hid conversion Kit. The HID Xenon upgrade for Headlight bulbs are an excellent modification that will illuminate the darkest of roads, thus aiding night time driving. In fact, the HID bulbs are three to four times more efficient in lighting up the road as compared to halogen lamps. HID bulbs have a life span of 3000 hours while the halogen bulb lasts 250 hours. The High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting ensures that you stay aware and prepared for the obstacles on the road, thus avoiding unwarranted accidents. As you can see, they are a clear improvement. 

Scion HID kit will make a huge difference in how you see the road.  Our selection of HID kits and relays are specifically designed to outperform anything else in the market.  With our wide selection of HID lights, you can choose the color temperature of your kit.  We offer Yellow, White, and Blue that will really make a huge difference in the looks and night time performance of your lights.  Our specially trained team of lighting experts will send the correct Kit for your Scion.


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