Get yourself a Subaru HID kit today! Subaru, a product of FHI (Fuji Heavy Industries) has been known for its boxer engines in all vehicles above 1500cc as well as their heavy use of the AWD drive-train layout. The latter, introduced in 1972 gradually caught on in the automotive market and became the standard of all small and mid size cars for Subaru’s international markets in 1996. Thus, Subaru is a pioneer brand and has led from the front as AWD technology is concerned. With vehicles like the STI, Forester, SVX, and Impreza, Subaru vehicles are certainly high performance.  Based on this fact, they need high performance lighting as well. 

Our Subaru Hid kit is the highest performance lighting system available in today’s market. The pace with which HID technology has spread its tentacles all over the car lighting industry is nothing short of a case study. The ostentatious value of style and technology apart, the Xenon Lighting Kit addresses a fundamental concern among car lovers, that is, safety during night time traveling.

If your life consists of frequent night driving, then your worst nightmare is not being able to see at night or in low light conditions. Worst, your headlights do not suffice or have failed altogether. In these situations, the best friend you can have with you is the Subaru Hid Kit. Our HID bulbs work on the unique temperature color technology, such that different colors of the bulb indicate different temperatures. As such our bulbs are three to four times more superior to the ordinary halogen bulb. In fact, our bulbs have a life span of 3000 hours as compared to 250 hours for factory halogen bulbs. The bulbs are also available in various sizes and colors and can act as a direct fitment to all Subaru cars. The real benefit of our high quality HID kits is that they come with a microchip which acts as a protection device against power shortages, power surges or voltage fluctuations. Our specially trained team of lighting experts will send the correct Kit for your Subaru or are available to answer your questions asap.

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